“The Doctor Will See You Now!” is the thrilling new live interactive experience from Hourglass Escapes.  This room will see your team fighting to find your friend Sarah – the last you heard from her was three days ago, she was feeling unwell and visiting her new Doctor, Dr Payne. You’ve never heard of this doctor and not seen or heard from Sarah since her visit. Recent news reports of missing persons already have your senses heightened and anxiety high; can you find out what happened to Sarah and perhaps all the other missing persons before the doctor returns to the office?
You have one hour – the clock is ticking.

Please note this room is not designed to be scary but may be atmospheric.  There are no jump scares in this room.

Accessibility – There is an element of crawling in this room – if you are unable to/do not want to crawl please make us aware before your game and we can remove this element for your team. (You can also check this option at booking)
Trigger warning – there is fake blood used in this room

This room suitable for ages 12 years and up.  Any player under the age of 18 will require an adult to be in the room with them at all times.

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