Summer Holiday


In a UK FIRST, you can now escape a real caravan with Hourglass Escapes!

“We’re all going on a summer holiday…”

Your friend has offered you their caravan for the weekend – your bags are packed, you’re beach ready – you arrive at the caravan site and head for your friend’s van.  In all the excitement you’ve not read the full message and you’ve made a mistake; your friend’s van number is 43 and you’ve settled yourselves into number 34!
Now you’re locked in with your only exit guarded by some kind of keypad…
The occupants of number 34 could be back any minute now and, judging by the amount of locks in here, we don’t want to find out who they might be!  Don’t get caught!

This is our mobile escape room, which can travel to events, team-building days, weddings, parties and birthday celebrations!  Just get in touch with us for a quote for your event!